omni vision #11

Jan - Mar 2022

  • What’s Up with Omni? – An OV Hiatus (pg 4)
  • Waiting on Magic and Miracles – #Leahkirrane (pg 6)
  • Live Now Love Now: On Love and Covid-19 (pg 10)
  • Teach Yourself Anything with the Sandbox Method (pg 15)
  • Is Our World Getting Better or Worse? (pg 22)
  • The Best Intro to Cob Building (pg 28)
  • Sustainable Business 101 (pg 45) 
  • Six Ingredients for Creating a Community (pg 49)
  • Update on Water for Life! (pg 53)

Like riding in a fast moving river whose destination is unknown, with twists, turns and tribu-taries, we here at The Omni Foundation are going with the flow. 

So, that perfect property that ticked all our boxes…well, we don’t blame him, but the owner has decided not to sell. We phoned him to let him know about the miracles happening on our side that would have secured the purchase, but his plans have changed, and so, …

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