omni vision #06

Oct - Dec 2020

  • Paving Away -What’s Up With Omni? (pg 3)
  • Serendipitous Seeds of Opportunity – #Leahkirrane (pg 4)
  • Caroling for Comfort  A GWCF service opportunity (pg 7)
  • I Met a Genius Today –   Erik Rittenberry (pg 10)
  • Benefits of Schooling Outdoors (pg 14)
  • Healing Gardens (pg 17)
  • Teaching your Child Patience (pg 25)
  • Straw Bale Building (pg 29)
  • Rise of the  Conscious Economy (pg 41)
  • Anne Sperry! Skoolies for the Homeless (pg 44)
  • Omni Community Handbook and Guide (pg 47)

Paving Away! 

Happy 4th quarter, 2020! What a time to be alive! Wherever you are in this great melee of time, whether in the heart of the brawl, or on a different plane, spectating, pulling strings, or anchoring light, we pray Truth shines brightly and Love triumphs in your life. We find …

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