omni vision #05

Jul - Sep 2020

  • Vision of a New Normal video – What’s Up With Omni? (pg 3)
  • When Dreams Come True – #Leahkirrane (pg 4)
  • Rising from the Bones of a Dying World – Erik Rittenberry (pg 7)
  • Are you a    Controlling Parent? (pg 12)
  • Race and Repentance in America (pg 19)
  • Building with Bamboo (pg 23)
  • 24 Things NOT to Compost (pg 29)
  • Is Conscious Consumerism a Lie? (pg 34)
  • Omni Community Handbook and Guide (pg 39)
  • Spotlight On Courtney Gibson (pg 42)

Our Vision of a New Normal 

Welcome to Omni Vision, Issue 5! This issue is dedicated to an in depth look at our vision, goals and plans to move forward. But before we take a look forward, let’s take a look back: 

In early March I had a very vivid day-mare, which I’ll discuss in …

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