Omni Vision #04

omni vision #04

Apr - Jun 2020

  • Happy Birthday Omni! – What’s Up With Omni? (pg 3)
  • The American Life is Killing You – Erik Rittenberry (pg 6)
  • Gardening with Kids 101 (pg 14)
  • Conscious Capitalism (pg 21)
  • Container Architecture (pg 29)
  • The Age of Collapse (pg 33) 
  • Spotlight on Joya Soul (pg 40)


Welcome Omni Vision readers, to our 4th issue, packed full of helpful, healthful articles to guide us to-ward a more holistic way of life. 

What makes our magazine different from others? Not only does Omni Vision share articles and excerpts from our readings that are important to us, it also shares the story of our journey in building our non-profit company, along with our creations, meant to inspire self-reflection and practical activism. We pray the content blesses you …

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