omni vision #02

Oct - Dec 2019

  • Happy New Decade! – What’s Up With Omni? (pg 3)
  • Intro to #LeahKirrane (pg 4)
  • Deprogram Yourself and Come Alive – Erik Rittenberry (pg 6)
  • uBuntu Civics Academy Initiative – Anna-Mari Pieterse (pg 13)
  • The Issues Aren’t Always the Issue – Victoria Reynolds (pg 16)
  • Earthships Explained (pg 22)
  • Becoming a Global Eco-Civilization (pg 25)
  • Who Does Well in Community? (pg 32)

What’s up With Omni? 

Welcome to our second edition of Omni Vision, a new quarterly magazine, published by Omni Foundation Publications. 

We are Cameron and Leah Kirrane, co-founders of The Omni Foundation, a non-profit company set up to promote and support the building of self-sustaining, regenerative eco-communities that foster the health of mind, body, spirit and envi-ronment. We .are …

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