omni vision #01

Jul - Sep 2019

  • Welcome to Omni Vision Magazine – What’s Up With Omni? (pg 3)
  • On Point Polly Goes to Print (pg 4)
  • Real World Learning – Green Schools (pg 12)
  • Because I’m Free -Release (pg 16)
  • The Comfortable Life is Killing You – Erik Rittenberry (pg 6)
  • Our Moral Responsibility to Take Care of the Earth -Marianne Williamson (pg 18)
  • Six Ingredients for Forming Communities (pg 33)

Welcome to our very first issue of Omni Vision!

Thank you for taking the time to open it up, browse through it’s pages, learn and be inspired.

It was the last couple days of June when Cameron and I started discussing what would go into our next quarterly newsletter, “What’s Up With Omni?” April was the last month of publishing as a monthly, as we had decided to go quarterly.

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