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Omni Vision #04

omni vision #04 Apr – Jun 2020 Happy Birthday Omni! – What’s Up With Omni? (pg 3) The American Life is Killing You – Erik Rittenberry (pg 6) Gardening with Kids 101 (pg 14) Conscious Capitalism (pg 21) Container Architecture (pg 29) The Age of Collapse (pg 33)  Spotlight on …

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Omni Vision #03

omni vision #03 Jan – Mar 2020 New Omni Storefront (pg 5) Knowledge is Power?  – Erik Rittenberry (pg 6) Green Education Foundation (pg 10) Forest Garden How-To (pg 16) Hemp In All Its Glory! (pg 28) The World needs Earthkeepers Now (pg 25) Busting Myths About Community Living (pg …

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Omni Vision #02

omni vision #02 Oct – Dec 2019 Happy New Decade! – What’s Up With Omni? (pg 3) Intro to #LeahKirrane (pg 4) Deprogram Yourself and Come Alive – Erik Rittenberry (pg 6) uBuntu Civics Academy Initiative – Anna-Mari Pieterse (pg 13) The Issues Aren’t Always the Issue – Victoria Reynolds …

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What's Up with Omni - Archive

From the beginning, the purpose of the “What’s Up With Omni?” Newsletter was not only to inform interested parties of our goings on, but also to create a history of the growth of the Omni Vision for our posterity.  Looking back on these issues, you will find we’ve done exactly that. Download this PDF archive to get a greater sense of our origins and progress during our first couple of years, then graduate to Omni Vision magazine, which grew from these humble newsletters.

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